• Genesis Coupe

    The excellent power of the Lambda 3.8 engine offers a dynamic driving experience.
  • Genesis Coupe Genesis Coupe Genesis Coupe Genesis Coupe Genesis Coupe Genesis Coupe Genesis Coupe Genesis Coupe


The technology-intensive 6-speed transmission enhance accelerating ability and fuel efficiency.

The exterior design

A large radiator grille in front improves cooling performance and creates a dynamic, sporty look. The newly designed 19-inch alloy wheels, head lamps and rear lamps convey power, agility and readiness.

Interior Design

The convenient and beautiful interior of the Genesis Coupe, created with high-quality materials and a design fit for luxury sports cars, incorporates high-tech and ergonomic elements that enhance the driving experience.


With safety being the top sports car requirement, six airbags and solid, elaborate frames are designed to protect. A superior brake system will help you stop exactly the way you want.


The Genesis Coupe’s ultimate value lies in its exceptional engine power. The 3.8 MPi engine - the heart of the car - provide the best power performance in its class. 6-speed transmission make for a ride to remember.


A variety of user-friendly convenient equipment includes everything from a cluster ionizer with deodorizing effect and a defog system with demisting effect to a parking sensor for convenient parking. Diverse options mean more convenient driving.

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