• Grand Santa Fe

    Exceptional performance makes the Grand Santa Fe stand out from the crowd. See for yourself how grandness feels
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Grand Santa Fe you know, but better. Design changes to the exterior give you a more elegant, sporty and modern driving experience.

The exterior design


Electronic folding outside mirrors

This is no ordinary mirror. Its heated, for one, which means it stays clear in rain and snow. It folds electronically. And its got puddle lamps that light the way when you are getting in.

19'' and 18'' alloy wheels

Aluminum 19'' and 18'' wheels give off both a sportiness and elegance that define the Grand Santa Fe. A full-sized spare alloy wheel is optional.

The modern, hip cousin of the family wagon

Some of the best moments are had in the car, whether it's on a family road trip or just a ride into town. You're all there, in one intimate space, with everything you need within reach.

HID headlamps with LED positioning lamps

Enjoy greater visibility day and night with high-intensity discharge lamps that do more than illuminate; their rectangular lens give off a high-tech look.

Fog lamps

See and be seen in the fog with lamps that illuminate what's in front of you.

The ride you can trust for all seasons and all destinations

Be it up a mountain, across a desert or through snowy backwoods, this is an SUV that lets you seize and relish the moment.

LED Rear combination lamps

Boasting sophisticated design and outstanding visibility, LED rear combination lamps make a bold statement style, strengthening the vehicle\'s simple and clean expression.

Interior Design

Climb into a space where emotion meets technology, where 7 people can travel together comfortably and entertained


ESC/4WD assistance control

Enjoy better driving control when entering a curve at high speeds with ESC / 4WD Assistance Control. It'll minimize your risk of running off course as 4WD distributes traction to the rear wheels and ESC exerts braking in the inner rear wheel.

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

VSM ensures that all four wheels keep the maximum grip no matter where there are on.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Brake Assist System (BAS)

No need to worry about your brakes locking up or skidding. The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) compensates for over-braking and gives you better control. Understanding how you drive, the Brake Assist System (BAS) monitors your accelerating and braking behavior and applies maximum braking force when it senses abrupt action.



Lambda II 3.3 MPI

An engine that's smaller and lighter but more powerful and eco-friendly. That's what the Lambda II 3.3 MPi engine delivers. The stats: 6 cylinders, 270ps at 6,400rpm and 32.4kg•m at 5,300rpm. A friction-reducing coating application and variable oil pump mean better fuel performance.

Automatic transmission

Standard automatic transmission offers you maximum driving comfort, greater fuel economy and a smooth and luxurious ride.


The Grand Santa Fe is impressive - even aerodynamically. With a class-leading drag coefficient level of 0.34, the vehicle boasts reduced air resistance and, ultimately, a drive that purrs.



Rear side window sunshade

Enjoy just the right amount of sun with a rear side window sunshade that welcomes in more natural light. Retractable side-window sunshades are a pleasant surprise when there is too much sunlight outside.

Power tailgate

The touch of a button from the driver's seat opens and closes the tailgate in the back. Loading and unloading bags just got a whole lot easier.

Dual zone full automatic climate control

Have it your way, even when it comes to the air you share. A dual full-auto conditioner lets the driver and passengers set the AC to the temperature they want.

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